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Division Day on '90210'

I watched the first episode of the new 90210 the other day -- research, honest -- and was pretty surprised to see a Division Day sticker, considering, as Jessica Stroup's Silver says, they have like 8 fans. And presumably all of us are reading this post right now, so let's hope this sticker pushes Los Angeles' best unknown band over the top, Death Cab style -- although at least The OC had the courtesy to, y'know, play a few Death Cab songs. (P.S. Hey Jessica, rad Chucks!)

Division Day - "Colorguard": mp3

Update: I watched the next couple episodes, and to my immense chagrin I think I like this show a lot better than Gossip Girl (which I really only liked thanks to the lingering glow of The OC's first season). But the indie rock references have got to stop, fellas: Vampire Weekend, OK, but Sea Wolf? At Spaceland?! Somehow I don't think a musical theater kid from Kansas would be into any of these bands, but I guess if they can sneak in a Hold Steady plug somewhere I'll learn to live with it.


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Blogger alt-gramma said...

Yes, I freely admit to being one of DD's 8 fans. I'm told that they are hard at work on their follow-up to Beatrap Island.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Hanan said...

I am also one of the 8 fans. these guys are great live. they totally deserve more attention.

12:45 PM  
Blogger friartuck said...

Fan 3 out of 8 here. Reversible is such a great song.

11:49 PM  

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